Customers Testimonials

“Czareyna is good. I spent thousands of money before for different face cream etc.. and this is the first time it got clearer.” Dr. M. B

“I enjoyed the feeling of being fresh and relaxed with my face. The part of having the vacuum and high frequency instruments used during cleaning feels the difference. C.A


“I really feel good, relaxed and happy.” S. H


It’s rejuvenating. I am satisfied with the results. My facial skin feels cleaner and brighter. C.R


“What a great experience. I would definitely recommend it to all my friends and family. Awesome!.” C. C


“I feel refresh and beautiful after the facial, cautery and microdermabrasion. The services are exceptional. I love Esthetiques. We will always come back. Excellent services and highly recommended. H.A


“Ging, I would like to thank you first, you are very nice and very intelligent, you really know your products. Very professional. I really like what you did to my face, especially the extraction. Truly I will recommend you to my friends and to everyone. I know I can’t wait to see you on my next facial. I feel fresh. Thank you so much. R.DG.


“Everything about the facial was amazing. My face feels so refreshed and clean. It was very relaxing. I would definitely come back again and experience it all over. Thank you so much. L.D.G.


“It was relaxing. We feel wonderful. We will surely come back.” E. G and R. G


“The feeling of being taken cared of by the gentle touch of Czareyna is very pampering. It is truly worth coming back again and again.” O. F


“Everytime I come for a facial I can feel my face getting healthier and healthier. My skin has been clearing up so fast it’s a miracle! And the mask is especially relaxing. I’d highly recommend this to all my friends. Thank you so much. M.C.


“My experience was good for a first timer. My face feels refreshed and hydrated.” G.J

“I feel refreshed and my face feels lighter. Definitely, I will be back for my clinical treatment and I will recommend this to my friends.” A.H


“My experience was good and feel refreshed for my clinical treatment. I will recommend this to my friends.” N. G


“Czareyna is very friendly and easy to get along with. She is very professional too. The facials are very relaxing especially with the added ambiance. Moreover, the products that I have tried have been keeping my face fresh and clean. I’m positive that an expansion of this skin clinic is nearing. Thanks!.” D.A


“I have just came in for my second treatment and my active acne is already clearing up. Ms. Czareyna is very supportive and knows her treatments. She is definitely getting a 5-Star rating from me.” K.G


“Everything about the experience was totally soothing and made me feel completely pampered. I would definitely recommend to everyone I know.” V.F


“Coming into today I was feeling stressed. As I leave this evening, I am feeling relaxed and calm. I am looking forward to coming back for my next facial.” M.W.


“What a great experience – relaxing and cleansing. My face feels smooth and it’s glowing. Definitely recommend the microdermabrasion. Can’t wait to try the facial.” P. B.


“I had facial and massage done on my back, chest, face and arms. Also had the LED Light Therapy done. The whole experience was so relaxing. The atmosphere and music took my mind off my treatment. Czareyna was very gentle and caring. I felt very refreshed after.” A.T


“My first facial treatment is very relaxing. I’ve seen great improvement of my skin. It’s so smooth and clean. I love to be back in 2 weeks or in a month. Esthetiques Skin Care service is excellent and I would love to recommend this to all my friends.” N.V


“This was my first experience with facial treatment. I expected it to hurt from extraction but it was a very relaxing and rewarding experience. My face felt renewed only after a few treatments. The treatment was a great experience and I’m excited to continue.” I.R


“Today is my first visit. I can’t tell the difference. How relaxing and very satisfied for Czareyna’s professional service. Looking forward for my next visit.” R. S.


“I am 26 years of age with a problematic acne issue that I’ve been dealing with for years. I’ve taken antibiotics prescribed by dermatologists which I would say have helped calm down my acne. Unfortunately, it has never ever satisfied my standards for something that “works.” Few years later one of my best friend recommended me to Tita Czareyna. The Acne Program really worked and completely cleared my acne. The salicylic mask was a bit painful than the facial (cleaning) but the aftermath was all worth. This is my fifth visit and I’m already starting microdermabrasion. Can’t wait for my next visit!!! Salicylic Mask again.” V.I


“This is my 3rd visit. Every visit is a different experience. Every visit I feel comfortable and relax. Czareyna always is very helpful and through in her procedure. She explains what would be done and what would happen afterwards. The products she recommends are very helpful to keep the skin healthy and glow looking. I enjoy coming to this clinic not only for the treatment but also for the personal and accommodating office.” A.B


“Every treatment since day one was amazing and she bypass my expectations. I really like how she is organize and thorough on every procedures she is doing. Czareyna is very informative and helpful on any questions I may have. I will be a dedicated customer for life. Thank you for making everyone beautiful.” K. F.


“Coming to Esthetiques is always a pleasure. I look forward to coming here each month of the year. Esthetiques gives me a much needed “me time”. The ambience is great, the service is exceptional and Czareyna is excellent. I truly enjoy every moment of my treatments here. I have not been to a Wellness Spa with such accommodating and very friendly staff. Each treatment is tailored to my needs. I love the reception and TLC (tender loving care) I receive every time I come. Thank you for people like Czareyna.” L.B


“The services I am receiving from Esthetiques are wonderful, individualized for my skin condition and great educational information too. Now, my skin feels and looks better and lighter from all the debris. Amazing staff too.” C.C


“This is my first time having facial treatment and it feels revitalizing, soothing and relaxing. My skin looks great and smooth. It really makes a difference if facial is done by a professional with lots of experience in beauty treatments. I would really recommend that you try and experience the awesome treatments she has done. It’s never too late to try to be young, fresh, and take care of your skin and feel more confident of yourself.” N.L


“I love the facial. It’s very relaxing, soothing and stress relieving. I feel pretty and it helps boost my confidence being a woman.” J.P.


I feel rejuvenated and refreshed. The feeling of light and clean.” I.C


“I really, really loved it. It’s very relaxing.” J.S