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Can I Drink Alcohol After Botox Injections?

Can I Drink Alcohol After Botox Injections, or Do I Have to Wait A Certain Amount of Time?

Botox cosmetic injections are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for facial rejuvenation, so you can regain a more youthful appearance.

Really good Botox can make you want to pop the champagne and celebrate. But wait! First, you should ask, “Can I drink after Botox injections?”

What’s the Real Story? When Can I Drink After Botox Injections?

It is best to avoid drinking after this procedure, because alcohol can dry the skin, which can reduce the quality of your Botox and make recovery take longer. 

Additionally, alcohol can increase the likelihood of bruising, as it thins the blood and widens blood vessels. Both of these things make you more vulnerable to bruising. While some bruising is normal, drinking alcohol can make the bruising more significant and can make your recovery time longer. 

Also, you should know that Botox can make you feel a bit sleepy or dizzy afterward, and alcohol can make it harder to keep track of how you feel after injections.

Since a few glasses of champagne can make you feel similarly, it’s a good idea to avoid alcohol so that you can more easily distinguish the cause behind any symptoms you may be experiencing. 

Okay, Give It to Me Straight – How Soon Can I Drink After Botox?

You should wait at the very least six hours after treatment before celebrating with champagne. Waiting two or three days is even better when wondering, “Can I drink after Botox?”

Check with your Botox provider in case they want you to wait longer as a result of your specific case.

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