Glutathione Costs in Baltimore: What You Can Expect to Pay

Glutathione Costs in Baltimore

Glutathione is an increasingly popular therapy for addressing a number of issues.

So, is it pricey? Here’s what you can expect when it comes to glutathione costs in Baltimore and whether it’s worth the expense!

What Is Glutathione? What Is It Used For?

Glutathione is a substance composed of amino acids including glycine, glutamic acid, and cysteine. Produced by the liver, it is responsible for aiding in immune system function, tissue building and repair, and making proteins and chemicals necessary for your body to thrive.

When used as an intravenous therapy, it can reduce toxins and free radicals, lighten discoloration and hyperpigmentation, address signs of aging, help fight against autoimmune diseases, increase antioxidant activity, and more. Glutathione is best absorbed when used intravenously, though it can be taken as a supplement or used in other ways.

How Much Does Glutathione IV Therapy Cost?

The benefits of glutathione are near endless, suiting a variety of patients and their lifestyles and improving multiple areas of their life. Surely a treatment so good must be expensive. You’ll be happy to learn otherwise!

The cost of glutathione IV therapy varies greatly. It can range from $100 to $400 per treatment session. Keep in mind that glutathione IV typically isn’t a one-and-done treatment, requiring 10 injections over a span of 10 weeks, followed by monthly maintenance.

That being said, glutathione therapy is one of the easier, more affordable ways to boost your physical, mental, and even skin health. The best way to determine how much your treatments will cost is to consult with a trained glutathione provider.

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