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How Much Does Glutathione IV Cost in Baltimore?

You may have heard of the increasingly popular glutathione IV therapy, but you have questions.

What are the benefits? How much does a glutathione IV cost in Baltimore? Keep reading to learn more!

Why Would I Need a Glutathione Injection?

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant in the human body also found in foods, and one of the most powerful at that. So, if it’s naturally occurring, why would you need to supplement it? What are the benefits?

Glutathione is like a magnet, grabbing onto the toxins and free radicals that enter the body, and then detoxifying the body of these toxins. As you age, your glutathione levels decrease, creating a deficiency.

Glutathione IV therapy is the most effective way to replace this antioxidant, and it holds even more benefits than detoxifying! It can cause:

  • A decrease in acne
  • An increase in strength and endurance
  • An anti-inflammatory response for chronic diseases
  • Skin lightening and brightening

And that’s not all. There are more benefits to supplementing with glutathione!

How Much Does a Glutathione IV Cost in Baltimore? Is It Worth It?

With all the benefits of glutathione, it’s well worth the cost. That being said, what is the cost? How far back will these amazing treatments set you?

The price varies depending on how many IVs you decide to receive and if you elect for a treatment plan. Each session will cost anywhere from $100 to $300 or more, and many providers will recommend multiple sessions. Consider looking into a treatment plan or any specials if you’re interested in glutathione IV therapy.

Where Can I Find Glutathione IV Therapy?

Here at Zare Medspa & Wellness, we specialize in glutathione IVs and other wellness treatments for a healthier, happier you.

Contact us at 443-355-4977 for an estimate on your personal glutathione IV cost in Baltimore!

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