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Looking for the #1 Dermal Filler Injector in Baltimore? Read This First

If you’re ready to book an appointment for fillers to rejuvenate your appearance but are struggling to find a provider you trust, you’re not alone.

So, here are simple tips for finding the #1 dermal filler injector in Baltimore, whether you want juicy lip fillers or an anti-aging 8-point lift!

First, Familiarize Yourself With Dermal Fillers

If you have any interest in a cosmetic procedure, surgical or non-surgical, you need to take the time and do your own research. While a good injector is going to explain the procedure you’re interested in and whether or not it’s right for you, acquiring unbiased knowledge is incredibly beneficial.

If you’re not already aware, dermal fillers are injectable products that are designed to either add volume to your skin or stimulate collagen, or both.

They can be used to safely reduce the appearance of wrinkles and creases, fill in hollow areas of the face, enhance the size of your lips, reconstruct and balance facial features, and decrease under-eye shadows.

Look for a Board-Certified Healthcare Practitioner With Experience

Board certification has significant importance. It signifies the highest level of accreditation within a specialty. Board certification demonstrates that a medical provider has gone even further in their education and career by acquiring additional education and demonstrating their skills and knowledge. It also shows that they are experienced in the field they’re in.

Take a Look at Their Training and Educational Background

Alongside experience, their level of training and education is important. Since day one of pursuing their career, they should have proof of attending conferences, receiving consistent training, and continuing education.

Ultimately, your goal is to find the best of the best with all of the certifications, licenses, and documents to prove their commitment and knowledge in their craft. This is important to ensure that they’re up to date on new techniques, they completely understand facial anatomy, and they know how to appropriately administer fillers for the best results possible.

Check Out Real Patient Reviews and Before / After Images

After you have verified an aesthetic injector’s credentials, it’s time to take a look at their work. Either check their website and social media for before / after photos of their previous patients, or request them if there aren’t any readily available.

Reviews are important too, so go through those and look for common themes. finding out what your local community thinks of a provider. The #1 dermal filler injector in Baltimore will have overwhelmingly positive comments online, including on their website, social media, and trusted third-party review sites.

Get to Know Your Future Injector Through a Consultation

A thorough dermal filler consultation is the only way to truly determine if you want to pursue care from a specific practitioner. A free or low-cost consultation gives you insight on not only your potential injector, but the treatments you’re interested in as well.

Essentially, this is like an interview with your injector. Both of you will get to know each other during this visit. This helps your injector to know how to best help you reach your aesthetic goals by discussing:

  • Why and where you want dermal filler injections
  • The type of filler that would benefit you the most
  • Risks versus rewards
  • Cost of treatment

This is a good time to go over things like payment plans and memberships, especially if you intend to be a recurring patient.

You’ll Find the #1 Dermal Filler Injector in Baltimore at Zare Medspa and Wellness!

Now that you’ve found Zare P. Carcellar, board-certified nurse practitioner and founder / CEO of Zare MedSpa, you’ve found who you’re looking for and can end your search!

Call Zare today at 443-355-4977 to schedule a consultation and explore our spectacular cosmetic services!

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