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Your Expert Skin Lightening Specialist in Baltimore, Maryland Recommends These Top Treatments!

Do you have dark spots you wish to treat? Maybe a birthmark you’re unhappy about? If so, it’s possible skin lightening is the solution you need.

It’s a big decision but with the expertise of a skin lightening specialist in Baltimore, Maryland, you’ll love your results.

What Exactly Does Skin Lightening Do?

Skin lightening treatments reduce the production and / or concentration of melanin in your skin. This can be done through lasers or other types of therapies.

What Are the Top Skin Lightening Treatments?

Your skin lightening specialist in Baltimore, Maryland is going to recommend the best treatment for your specific needs. This could include any of the following alone or a combination of therapies:

  • Facials: There are certain facials that can lighten and brighten your skin. Chemical peels that contain glycolic acid or oxygen infusion with a brightening mask not only lighten your skin but treat other concerns such as unwanted signs of aging as well.
  • Dermaplaning: Many people associate dermaplaning only with clearer, smoother skin. What many don’t realize is that it’s also a great treatment for skin lightening.
  • Glutathione IV therapy: Currently trending as one of the most successful skin lightening treatments, glutathione IV therapy not only lightens the skin but has many other benefits such as controlling inflammation.

Am I a Good Candidate for Skin Lightening Treatments?

You need a medical evaluation and skin analysis to determine whether skin lightening treatments are safe for you and which one will benefit you the most. In general, as long as you are healthy and desire a lighter skin tone / wish to correct dark pigmentation issues, you’re likely a great candidate for skin lightening.

For the Best Skin Lightening Specialist in Baltimore, Maryland, Turn to Zare!

Zare P. Carcellar, CRNP founded Zare MedSpa & Wellness with a mission in mind – to provide all patients with safe and effective medical-grade skin care. You’ll find Zare Medspa to be a warm and comforting environment.

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