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Thread Lift for Cheeks

Thread Lift for Cheeks

Cheeks Thread Lift in Baltimore

Your cheeks lose volume as part of the natural aging process, which results in sagging cheeks and jowls. Thankfully, a PDO thread lift can help. A thread lift involves inserting polydioxanone (PDO) threads, a type of biodegradable suture, into the cheek with the use of a cannula.

Then, the threads are manually lifted and fixed into place, pulling up sagging cheeks for more pronounced, youthful looking cheekbones.

Thread Lift for Cheeks Baltimore MD

Why Choose a Cheeks Thread Lift?

A cheek thread lift is much safer, less invasive, and easier to heal than a traditional facelift, all while producing the same lifting and rejuvenating effect.

In fact, a thread lift requires no downtime and is an excellent non-surgical option for creating volume and a more sculpted look to the cheeks.

What Does a Cheeks Thread Lift Feel Like?

A thread lift is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that doesn’t take long to complete. A topical anesthetic is used, instead of general anesthetic or sedation. Most patients describe it as feeling uncomfortable or strange but not painful.

When Will I See Cheeks Thread Lift Results?

Minor results from your cheek thread lift such as firming and tightening should be visible right away. The effects continue to improve over time, and it may take several months to achieve the full effect.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Cheeks Thread Lift?

An ideal candidate for cheek thread lifts is someone who is healthy, over the age of 18, and has realistic expectations for the procedure.

Where Is the Best Place to Get a Cheeks Thread Lift in Baltimore?

Sculpt your features and reclaim your youth without the risks associated with plastic surgery at Zare MedSpa & Wellness. Here, we proudly offer cheek thread lifts in Baltimore as well as other procedures such as microneedling with PRP for the ultimate skin tightening and rejuvenation experience.

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