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What Are the Best Skin Lightening Treatments in Baltimore, Maryland?

Save your skin (and money) and put down those bleaching creams! Skin lightening is easier, safer, and more effective than ever if you know the right treatments.

Keep reading to learn the best skin lightening treatments in Baltimore, Maryland!

  1. Glutathione IV

Glutathione IV therapy is considered to be the most effective skin lightening treatment available. Glutathione is an antioxidant responsible for eliminating the free radicals that your skin and body face on a daily basis.

It’s also a tyrosinase inhibitor to help reduce the amount of melanin produced and the frequency at which it’s produced. Melanin in the pigment in your skin responsible for its color. Ultimately, glutathione IV treatments are considered to be the best of the best, improving your skin’s health and tone as well as your overall health.

  1. Zare’s Signature Luxury Gold / Whitening Facial

Referred to as the luxury gold facial or luxury whitening facial, this fan-favorite facial combines a variety of techniques and products for the ultimate skin rejuvenation service.

This includes deep cleansing, deep pore detoxification, exfoliation, personalized serums, and, of course, a whitening mask for skin lightening, plus so much more.

  1. Oxygen Infusion Facial

Similar to the above facial, the oxygen infusion facial uses a whitening mask alongside medical-grade oxygen infused into the skin.

This is paired beautifully with skin-loving ingredients like amino peptides, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins. This results in brighter, glowier skin with promoted collagen production.

Something Else to Consider: Supplements

Glutathione supplement capsules are another excellent way to get a dosage of the powerful glutathione into your body as well as complement your glutathione IV treatments.

Similar to the IV therapy, glutathione capsules provide antioxidant benefits, and some skin lightening and brightening.

For the Best Skin Lightening Treatments in Baltimore, Maryland, Zare MedSpa Can Help!

Here at Zare, our team led by Zare P. Carcellar offers the top lightening treatments in Baltimore including the four listed above, plus our own expertly crafted skincare products!

Call us at 443-355-4977 to book a consultation and explore your skin lightening options for brighter, more even skin without hyperpigmentation!

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